From concept to market…
Developing new products is a process. Experience can help guide the way.

A Life Sciences Consulting, Networking Platform

Former senior executives and researchers are independent advisors

Significant operational expertise developing and manufacturing
Pharmaceuticals, Biologicals, Diagnostics, and Medical Devices

What’s your challenge?
Skillful strategic thinking can transform problems into exciting opportunities. Former senior executives offer insights to help younger executives develop and apply broader analytical methods.

Advice to avoid mistakes
Mistakes are on the road to success, but why repeat them? Highly experienced former senior executives have seen many stumbles, errors, and omissions. Their operational knowledge can support and sharpen your strategy and project execution.

Don’t know whom to call?
It takes years to develop robust private networks. Emerging companies don’t have years to wait. Former senior executives’ personal networks often speed finding resources, alliance partners, or financing.

Why pay more?
Financially secure former senior executives
are motivated to assist start-up and
emerging companies tackle challenges.
Affordable compensation arrangements
are part of the deal!

Dream big, plan carefully
Small stuff can cause unexpected difficulties.
Design resilient, compliant, high quality processes to turn quality control procedures into a strategic advantage.

Business Plan Check-Up

If your business plan is in an advanced form or final draft, or your plan needs revising before resubmitting, the business plan check-up is a fast, informative, and affordable way to gain confidence that your intended message will be convincingly presented.

Former senior executives have reviewed numerous business plans spanning a wide diversity of Life Science products and services, ranging across start-ups, joint ventures, corporate expansion, and research initiatives. Their experience and analysis can help.

Whether your plan could benefit from structural revisions or fine tuning, the business plan check-up offers advice to shape, improve and confirm your plan.

To begin your business plan check-up, please send an e-mail for a no obligation introductory conversation with a New Guide advisor. All conversations are strictly confidential.

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Quality Systems Check-Up

An expert New Guide advisor conducts an introductory quality systems and control assessment. Special reviews for start-up and emerging companies in Pharma, Med Tech, and In-Vitro Diagnostics.

  • Learn the status of your current quality system and controls
  • Identify potential risks
  • Plan versatile quality control management

A customized one-day on-site Quality Control Procedures Review and Risk assessment begins with a short questionnaire.

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To contact, please send an email to [email protected]