Advisor Inquiry


Former senior executives in the Life Sciences are encouraged to consider joining New Guide.

Advisors are independent and free to accept or decline any opportunity to advise a client. There are no fees to become or remain an advisor, and one can resign at any time.

The advisor sets the compensation / remuneration for an engagement by adapting fee guidelines set by the Management Committee to the client’s situation and negotiating the terms with the client. A consulting contract is signed between the advisor and client. There are no fees or commissions payable to New Guide. Work schedules are flexible, advisor and client arrange a mutually-agreeable schedule.

Advisors can propose business development ideas, investment opportunities and research projects to all or particular advisors. Terms are negotiated and agreed among the independent advisors involved. There are no fees or commissions payable to New Guide. No advisor other than those agreeing to participate contractually in an initiative have any rights or liabilities.

Sample consulting contracts and non-disclosure agreements are available.

Qualifications and Admissions

Advisors should have held senior executive or senior high-level R&D (i.e. reporting to a board member) positions in the Life Sciences.

The Management Committee reviews advisor applications and gives a response in a timely fashion.

If you would like to explore without obligation becoming an independent advisor, or get more information, please contact us!

While the content of your message is, of course, up to you, it would be helpful to give a preliminary profile indicating your main areas of expertise, what activities or areas you would prefer to advise, and the stage or type of company you would like to support.

Please send an email to [email protected]